Shona Bang

Hello, I’m Shona.

By day, I am a Mixed Reality Product Marketing Manager focused on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist at Microsoft.

I am deeply passionate about humanity and leveraging tech for good, which led me to become the founder of a global community of over 12.5K humans in tech from over 80 countries. My mission is to help technologists to discover their superpowers and use those powers for good.

By evenings, I am a Class of 2022 MBA candidate specializing in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digital Marketing. I also actively mentor on the side via the Community Mentors program, which I started in 2018.

I believe that every human has inherent superpowers waiting to be unlocked so you can reach your full potential. I want to help empower you to discover YOUR superpowers, so that you can make a positive social impact in our world and spread kindness to others.

Are you onboard?

Follow me on Twitter: @shonadelie