Manifesting Kindness in Tech

Hey #CareerSojourners, you’ve got superpowers.

Did you know that? Has anyone told you that you have unique skills, experiences and talents that make you special?

Superpowers that make you… you?

Contrary to what we see in movies, having superpowers doesn’t mean that it has to be all bells and whistles, donning a fancy cape and possessing mind-reading or time-traveling skills. We don’t even have to conform to what society thinks a superhero should look like.

It can be something as simple (or challenging, depending on how you look at it!) as having deep empathy for your fellow humans, or using the gift of teaching to pass on valuable skills to help others learn.

All of us have superpowers – the key is in discovering what yours is. Your unique cultural lens and lived experiences is something only YOU can offer the world, so embrace it!

Oh and yes, you definitely have them. 

Stories can empower.

I’ll be sharing my personal perspectives, learnings and thoughts here, which I hope will inspire, encourage and uplift you, no matter what season of life you’re in.  

Please note that all opinions are my own, not my employer’s 🙂

What’s your story?

More importantly, I hope this will be a platform where YOU can share your stories too. Let’s connect as humans, share ideas and encourage one another on this amazing journey called life.